From being strong to having the ability to run a marathon or sprint to having a strong core to being well versed in balance to being flexible, it is difficult to excel in all of these. However, the body works as one so we want all 5 pillars of fitness to improve in each of our athletes: strength training, cardiovascular endurance, core strengthening, balance training, and flexibility.

How do you know which areas you need improvement on or are good at? Where to begin and what to strive for? We created Grit Rankz for that reason. Here are the criteria:

Strength training


Good  10 repetitions

Great  25 repetitions

Grit  > 50 repetitions


Good 10 repetitions

Great > 15 repetitions

Grit > 30 repetitions

Cardiovascular endurance

1-minute Burpee test: Good 20 repetitions

Great 25 repetitions

Grit > 30 repetitions


Single leg balance test: are you able to stand on each leg for 1 minute straight? If yes, then you pass. If not, then strengthen your feet and ankles.


Hand-behind backtest: are you able to touch your hands together on both sides? If yes, then you pass. If not, then here are the stretches you need to do get there.

Standing toe reach: are you able to touch your toes standing without bending your knees? If yes, then you pass. If not, then measure the distance your fingers are from the floor and work on these stretches.


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